CRYSTALYX® is a naturally hardened, energy-rich feed supplement for licking.


  • contains dehydrated molasses and rumen-protected vegetable fat acids. These highly concentrated energy sources form the basis as they comprise 60 to 80% of contents.
  • also contains mineral nutrients, trace elements and vitamins.
  • is produced in a patented cooking process.
  • contains virtually no water (< 5%) and little ash
  • is slightly hygroscopic and is somewhat moistened by the air humidity on the surface. This syrup layer ensures a highly controlled intake.

The daily intake of CRYSTALYX® depends on the weight, nutritional condition and health of the animals. Under normal circumstances, adult cattle lick 150-250 grams a day and adult sheep or goats 35-75 grams a day.

Consuming CRYSTALYX® demonstrably increases rumen microbe activity and number. This leads to an increase in feed intake by 5-10%. This nutritional effect is based on a complex interaction between several processes, which combine to produce the unique active complex in CRYSTALYX®. The relationship between the different elements is shown in the diagram .


  • • stimulates micro-organisms in rumen
  • • enhances digestibility of forage
  • • increases staple feed intake by 5-10%
  • • improves animal performance and promotes animal health
  • • provides a balanced package of minerals and vitamins

Dehydrated molasses

  • Very tasty
  • Highly available energy in concentrated form

Vegetable fat

  • Balanced fatty acid profile in rumen
  • Readily provides direct energy source for the animal
  • The highest energy density


  • Different usage rates depending on the product
  • Vegetable protein sources
  • Some with feed urea for improved digestion of crude fibre

Macro elements

  • Highly available forms of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium
  • Only small elements of salt (sodium chloride) are added
    • Always make salt freely available for intake to cover needs

Trace elements, vitamins and other additives

  • Essential trace elements are contained in inorganic form and also in organic form to some extent
  • Selected feed additives such as active yeast are also used where beneficial

Physical hardening process
The production of CRYSTALYX® cannot be compared with conventional mineral licks and takes place at just two production sites in Europe – in Germany and in England.

  • CRYSTALYX® is produced in a technically unique production process based on a patented cooking process using molasses and vegetable fat. The water is removed from the molasses (water content > 25%) during this process.
  • What are known as sugar esters are formed from sugar and organic fatty acids during the cooking process. These have positive effects on the rumen metabolism.
  • When the mix of dehydrated molasses and vegetable fat has cooled, a mineral premix is added and blended in directly before the packaging is filled.
  • The sugar begins to crystallise as it cools – hence the name. CRYSTALYX® thus hardens without any moulding pressure or chemical additives.
  • A dry matter content of at least 95% is achieved for all products.

A healthy rumen is half the battle. If fermentation and nutrient uptake meet requirements, then animal health and yield will too. Customised, balanced feeding is necessary to ensure that the animals remain productive on a continuous basis and for a long time. Feeding must deliver sufficient energy and be suitable for ruminant animals.

Energy metabolism plays a special role. A lack of energy has a negative effect on animal health or the productivity of livestock.

Using CRYSTALYX® improves forage digestibility and increases total feed intake by up to 10%. This produces a highly efficient increase in the total energy intake in ruminant animals.

Forage in farming operations fluctuates in its quantity and quality. Significant influence factors include vegetation, weather conditions, fertilisation and prevalent harvesting conditions. However, non-existent feed calculations, insufficiently accurate mixes and proportions of feed rations or poor trough management also cause nutritional imbalance in individual animals.

CRYSTALYX® corrects any imbalances in individual animal self-feeding with its ideal combination between energy, protein, mineral nutrients and vitamins.

Only the best raw materials are used. The quality of the products is checked, ensured and documented through extensive testing by independent laboratories. All CRYSTALYX products are assured in accordance with GMP+ FSA and recognized in the QS „mutual recognition” framework. In addition, there are voluntary certifications for regional quality seals, e.g. “A-Futter” or “Pastus”.

GMO declaration: All CRYSTALYX products including feedstuff and feed additives intended to be used in products for animal nutrition is not subject to labelling and traceability according to Reg. (EC) Nr. 1829/ 2003 and 1830/ 2003.

Quality certificates

GMP certificate

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