Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

No, a direct comparison is not very meaningful since CRYSTALYX® cannot be compared with a mineral lick. Mineral licks are used solely to provide minerals. CRYSTALYX®, on the other hand, also increases feed intake in addition to supplying minerals, thus helping to ensure better energy supply (see page 28 in our overall brochure). You need to take this added value into account when calculating CRYSTALYX®’s value for money. You will find examples of the financial benefit that CRYSTALYX® brings on pages 10 to 12 in the overall brochure.

No! Conventional liquid molasses only serves to increase sugar concentration and tastiness of the overall ration. It is primarily used to enhance energy in mixed rations. Moreover, conventional molasses contains 25-30 per cent water. The molasses in CRYSTALYX® is dehydrated, i.e. the water has been removed from the molasses. Combined with vegetable fat, the dehydrated molasses leads to a very high concentration in the finished product. Licking small amounts several times a day also helps to produce saliva, thus producing a unique active complex in CRYSTALYX® (see page 9 in our overall brochure).

Saliva is highly alkaline (pH = 8.3) and is used to soften the fatty acids formed in the paunch to the lowest possible neutral level (pH 6.5). A healthy dairy cow produces up to 6 litres of saliva when feeding and even up to 10 litres per hour when ruminating. Ingesting CRYSTALYX® stimulates saliva production and thus serves as natural paunch storage. Above all, this prevents metabolic disorders such as acidosis.

Self-feeding principle allows animals to regulate their intake on an individual basis to remedy nutrient and metabolism deficiencies. Many farmers observe fluctuations in intake over time due to changes in the environment, such as putting out to pasture, change of silage or other stress factors. CRYSTALYX® is often used as an indicator to detect changes in general nutrient supply and the metabolism.

Only raw ingredients are used, which are not subject to approval, traceability and identification as a GMO product.

As CRYSTALYX® is very tasty, consumption may double for initial feeding for about 10 to 20 days in comparison to normal levels. This does not entail any health risks. Prolonged, above-average consumption levels are to be expected in cases of nutrient or metabolism deficiencies anyway.

Not as a general rule, since sheep have very low copper requirements and are sensitive to excess intake of copper. However, if a farm vet identifies a greater copper requirement, CRYSTALYX® Cattle Booster can also be used for sheep. CRYSTALYX® Mentholyx and Garlyx can be fed to both sheep and cattle since they do not contain copper.

Your CRYSTALYX® trader offers a return collection programme for empty 80 kg tubs once a year (you can obtain more information on tub collection on our hotline on 0800 6647669).

It should not be assumed that the use of CRYSTALYX® has a negative effect on dental health. Quite the opposite! Licking CRYSTALYX® stimulates saliva production. Alkaline saliva neutralises acids and even helps to prevent caries. Moreover, licking means no pressure is applied to teeth.

Yes, the “Standard LIN” brand. This product only contains individual feeds which were produced within the EU. CRYSTALYX® Standard LIN states “Manufactured to Landliebe specifications” on its declaration.

The need for minerals depends on the daily absorption, which is contingent on the animals' activity and physiological condition. Many years' experience show that the daily consumption rate of CRYSTALYX® depends on need. The CRYSTALYX® brands Dry Cow, Standard, Cattle High Mag, Extra Energy and Garlyx typically cover daily mineral needs. The CRYSTALYX® brands Vitalyx, Cattle Booster and Mentholyx are usually administered as an extra. This means that basic provision with mineral nutrients is necessary. CRYSTALYX® Cattle Booster also covers needs for breeding cattle. It is beneficial to freely provide cattle salt at all times since CRYSTALYX® only contains a little salt.

No. Sugar acts as a nutrient for micro-organisms in the paunch and works together with the CRYSTALYX® effect to produce an increase in the overall feed intake (see page 9). CRYSTALYX® does not cause fatty degeneration if feed rations are kept balanced.