Features of PIGLYX® rooting and lick block

  • The palatability and particular consistency guarantees sustained attractiveness.
  • Daily intake varies depending on age, genetics and various stress factors.
  • On average intake should amount to 5-10 g in piglet rearing, and 10-20 g for sow farming and pig fattening per animal, per day.
  • PIGLYX® is a supplement feed, therefore hygienic and legally defined harmless as a feedstuff.
  • Complete consumption of the lick block prevents impairment of the slurry system.

Use of PIGLYX®

  • Significant increase in daily growth in piglet rearing
  • Effective degeneration of emerging stress in the animal group (e.g. cannibalism)
  • In conjunction with versatile activity material (e.g. food chains) it complies with current legal requirements for the protection of animals and keeping of farm animals regarding occupation.
  • lower investment, space and working hours requirement

Application recommendation:

The PIGLYX® rooting and lick block is to be used exclusively with the PIGLYX® holder (see PIGLYX® user instructions). The average daily intake per pig in piglet rearing ranges from 5 to 10 grams per pig, in sow farming and pig fattening it ranges from 10 to 20 grams per pig. The daily intake can vary depending on the weight, genetics, temperature and specific stress situation. A 5 kg PIGLYX® Wühl- und Leckmasse (PIGLYX® rooting and lick block) is intended for a maximum of 40 pigs.

Available in the following container sizes: 4 X 5 kg PIGLYX® (= 20 kg PIGLYX® in the case), PIGLYX® Starter-Set (PIGLYX® holder + 5 kg PIGLYX®)

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