CRYSTALYX Nutri Complete

To increase staple feed consumption whilst ensuring an appropriate supply of minerals

Product advantages:

  • Supplementing feed rations with essential vitamins and minerals as part of the self-feed principle (conduct ration calculations)
  • Increase in forage consumption and digestibility
  • Helps in balancing the natural quality deviations in the stable and pasture.
  • Suitable for ensuring adequate vitamin and mineral supply of self-feeding principle
  • Contains organic bonded selenium (selenium yeast)

Application recommendation:

To increase the staple feed consumption whilst protecting the mineral requirement in the stable and pasture. Average consumption ranges from 150 to 250 grams per animal, per day. When feeding for the first time, consumption can double for 10 to 20 days. Prolonged, above-average consumption levels are to be expected in cases of nutrient or metabolic deficiencies. A 22.5 kg container is intended for a maximum of 10 animals, and the 80 kg container for a maximum of 25 animals. If possible, always set up two containers per animal group to prevent ranking battles!

Available in the following container sizes: 80 kg, 22.5 kg