Dear customers and partners,

from November 2019 Crystalyx will be available in a new design. The aim of this rebranding is to increase the visual appearance of the brand world- wide and to standardise it in all countries with a common logo and uniform colours. Positioning Crystalyx as a strong international brand increases the recognition value and product awareness. The products of Crystalyx are unique and unmistakable and should also be perceived so visually.

In this connection, the tub design and the design of all means of communication have changed. We therefore ask you to introduce the new logo in November and use it wherever necessary (websites, shops, banners, brochures etc.). Also bear in mind product photos, which must be replaced.

our new logo:

Download jpg Download jpg
Download EPS Download EPS

new colours:

RBG0 47 108255 105 00
CMYK100 69 7 300 56 90 0

the new buckets:

Download Blue

Download yellow

Download Green

Download Pink

Download Black

Download Turquois

Download Red

Download Orange

Flyer Rebranding

Do you have any questions about the rebranding or do you need any further files?

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