Only healthy cows give birth to healthy calves

It has often been proven that feeding during the dry period has a great influence on the feed intake in the following lactation. Despite these known correlations, dry cows are still often not given as much attention in practice as they need.

The enormous importance of this phase can also be explained by the fact that the cause of many infectious and metabolic diseases is already laid here. Typical diseases that can be attributed to poor feeding management during the dry period include ketosis, fatty liver, rumen acidosis, abomasal displacement or milk fever.

Thus, it becomes clear that the foundations for health, fitness as well as fertility are already laid in the dry period.

Effects of CRYSTALYX Pre Calver/ Pre Calver LIN:

  • Reduces the risk of milk fever (both number and severity) 2)
  • Supports the immune system to improve cow and calf vitality
  • Increases the amount of colostrum and colostrum-lgG 1)
  • Pre Calver LIN: Additional support of the immune system by linseed oil and specific yeast cell wall components, including positive effects on calving (Trockensteher/Pre Calver LIN gets produced from EU feed materials) 3)

Many of these effects have been proven by the following practical tests:

1) University of Parma, Italy

2) University of Auckland, New Zealand

3) University of Zurich, Switzerland

CRYSTALYX Pre Calver is also perfectly suited to optimally prepare dairy and suckler cows for birth and subsequent lactation. In addition to a needs-based supply of minerals and vitamins (helps to maintain a physiologically normal magnesium and calcium level in the blood), Crystalyx Pre Calver increases the forage intake before calving 1) to ensure high forage intake after calving. The result is an increase in energy intake around the time of birth, which has a positive effect on the energy metabolism. This supports animal health and improves performance parameters.