Running out of steam

Using Crystalyx has a positive effect on the energy metabolism and, consequently, on fertility and animal health.
Prevent energy deficiencies during peak lactation

Almost all dairy cows experience a negative energy balance during the transition phase and early lactation. Although a slight deficiency can be tolerated and described as physiologically normal, a substantial deficiency must be avoided. The greater the energy deficiency, the greater the risk of secondary diseases can be. Such secondary diseases may be responsible for more than 50 per cent of losses. These diseases include infertility, udder disorders or hoof and limb diseases. The aim is thus to reduce energy deficiency by achieving the highest possible dry matter intake during the transition and early lactation stages.

Positive effects confirmed

Different scientific and practice-based trials demonstrate that the use of Crystalyx supplement feed reduces energy deficiency. A Greek study recently carried out by the University of Thessaloniki reconfirmed the positive effects of the lick supplement feed. The study examined the influence of Crystalyx on animal health and yield. The results show that the use of Crystalyx Pre calver for dry cattle and Crystalyx Vitalyx during the transition phase had positive effects on the following factors:

  • Improved fertility by reducing the days open by 35 days
  • Improved animal health thanks to fewer reproductive diseases
  • Positive effect on energy and liver metabolism
  • Improved milk quality by reducing cell counts

Development of fertility in comparison
Pregnancy and metritis

It was possible to inseminate the cattle in the Crystalyx group six days earlier, allowing them to gestate 35 days earlier and meaning that the calving interval was reduced by 35 days. While the cattle in the Crystalyx group were inseminated 1.8 times before pregnancy was successful, the animals in the control group took 2.3 inseminations. Using Crystalyx also had positive effects on animal health, as demonstrated by comparing detected cases of metritis. None of the cattle in the Crystalyx group were diagnosed with metritis. In the control group, the proportion of detected cases of metritis was 15 percent and was still 10 percent on the 28th lactation day. The results of the blood tests (metabolic parameters) also confirmed the positive effects of Crystalyx on energy metabolism and liver metabolism.

Financial benefit

Based on a financial benefit of €2 per day for the 35-day reduction in the calving interval, this benefit amounts to €70 per cow in this trial. If you take away the cost for Crystalyx of about 19 euros per cow, that leaves a surplus of 51 euros per cow on top of feed costs. The results from this trial show a positive effect of Crystalyx on energy metabolism and on related fertility and animal health.

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