CRYSTALYX Energy Booster

To increase the dry matter intake for high performance requirements

Product advantages:

  • Increase in forage intake and digestibility of between 5 and 10%
    • As a result, an expected daily milk performance increase of between 1 and 2 litres for dairy cows, or an expected daily increase in growth of 100 to 200 grams in cattle rearing
  • Stabilises the physiological metabolic processes in stress situations (e.g. caused by metabolic diseases or heat stress)
  • Helps in balancing the natural quality deviations in the stable and pasture.
  • Balancing of animal-individual nutrient and mineral deficiencies
  • Contains feed-grade urea to promote digestion of crude fibres
  • With organic bonded trace elements

Application recommendation:

To increase the forage consumption where there is a high performance requirement in the stable and pasture. When feeding for the first time, consumption can double for 10 to 20 days. Prolonged, above-average consumption levels are to be expected in cases of nutrient or metabolic deficiencies. A 22.5 kg container is intended for a maximum of 10 animals, and the 80 kg container for a maximum of 25 animals. If possible, always set up two containers per animal group to prevent ranking battles!

  • Rearing and fattening cattle:
    Average 100-150 grams per animal per day in the first year of rearing, and 150-200 grams per animal per day in the second year of rearing.

  • Feeder rearing:
    Average 35 to 50 g per animal per day during the milk phase, and 100 to 150 g per animal per day thereafter.

  • Dairy cows and suckler cows:
    Average of 150 to 250 g per animal, per day.

Note for use amongst sheep: This product contains copper! As sheep are only allowed to a limited amount of copper and react sensitively to a copper overdose, only use after consulting a vet.

Available in the following container sizes: 80 kg, 22.5 kg