CRYSTALYX® - The Clever Solution on the Pasture

The use of the supplementary feed CRYSTALYX® increases the forage intake and digestibility of the animals. In addition, the licking mixture balances individual deficiencies in minerals and trace elements. This results in continuously high performances from grass as well as healthy animals.

A summary of the trial works carried out on the pasture shows the effect of CRYSTALYX® (see diagram). The use of the supplementary feed increases the daily weight gain by an average of 150 grams compared to the control groups. If 180 grazing days are assumed, the additional growth potential in the grazing period adds up to 27 kg per cattle. This additional weight and the sustained positive effects on animal health make the consistent use of CRYSTALYX® highly economical.

In the spring and summer, when the animals are in the pastures, insects can be a problem. Flying insects can transmit mastitis pathogens and other viral diseases (e.g. bluetongue disease). In addition, the insects bugged the animals and disturb their general well-being with a negative impact on the animal health and performance.

CRYSTYLYX® Garlyx* is a simple way to support the natural protection against flies. The supplementary feed, which is offered to the animals for licking ad libitum, contains garlic components. Having taken in the feed, the animals emit the sulphurous smell of garlic, which has a repellent effect on flying insects (e.g. midges and horse-flies).

A trial made by the Aberystwyth University, Wales with Horses showed that with the use of HORSLYX® Garlic (comparable to CRYSTYLYX® Garlyx*) there are 64.5% less trace of flies/insects and significant less muscle twitching.

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* Please note: Contains garlic components. Must not be fed to lactating dairy cows (drinking milk). With fattening animals, discontinue feeding four weeks prior to slaughtering.