CRYSTALYX® + Straw = The clever supplement for maintaining performance

The use of the supplementary feed CRYSTALYX® stimulates the rumen microbes, increases digestibility and thus increases the performance from forage. A large number of trials confirm impressively the effect (see newsletter of 12/04/2018).

The current extreme dry period in many European regions leads to a lack of forage and poorly digestible growths. In many places, additional feeding on the pasture is absolutely necessary. Straw or hay is often used due to a lack of alternatives. However, the low digestibility and low energy density must be taken into account in order to avoid a performance drop.

Under these conditions the use of CRYSTALYX® Cattle Booster is an ideal supplement. The University of New Castle carried out an experiment with rearing heifers on pasture already in 2003. The trial period fell into a very dry summer. The availability of grass on the pasture decreased significantly, so that straw was fed in both experimental groups. The following table shows the results of the test and clearly illustrates the effect of CRYSTALYX®.


  • The use of CRYSTALYX® Cattle Booster in combination with the addition of straw on the pasture stabilizes animal performance
  • CRYSTALYX® stimulates the rumen microbes and improves the digestibility of the crude fibre
  • The nutrient utilization of low-quality forage increases
  • These sustainable positive effects on animal health make the consistent use of CRYSTALYX® highly economical.