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CRYSTALYX® Products GmbH produces and distributes high-grade feed supplement for licking. The high-grade product range for cattle, sheep, pigs and horses comprises a large number of variants for conventional and organic farming operations.

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CRYSTALYX® + straw = clever supplement

The current extreme dry period in many European regions leads to a lack of forage and poorly digestible growths. In many places, additional feeding on the pasture is absolutely necessary. Straw or hay is often used due to a lack of alternatives. However, the low digestibility and low energy density must be taken into account in order to avoid a performance drop. Under these conditions the use of CRYSTALYX® Cattle Booster is an ideal supplement.

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CRYSTALYX® - Clever Solution on pasture

The use of the supplementary feed CRYSTALYX® increases the forage intake and digestibility of the animals. In addition, individual animal mineral deficits are compensated by the feed lick. The results are continuously high yields of grazing grass and healthy animals.

A summary of the trial works carried out on the pasture shows the effect of CRYSTALYX®.

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CRYSTALYX® effect confirmed

“The increase in dry matter intake from forage helps me get more energy into the cow. In addition, the forage is digested better and utilised more effectively.”

This is how Andy Ostendorf puts things in a nutshell in his project thesis. The farmer from Butjadingen in Lower Saxony, Germany, will continue to rely on CRYSTALYX® when dealing with poor-quality forage.

In the framework of a project work of the agricultural college, Andy Ostendorf conducted a feeding trial on his parents’ dairy farm. In this trial, the effect of CRYSTALYX® Cattle Booster on parameters such as forage intake, milk yield and fertility was examined.

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Poor-quality forage? Act now!

In some years, it is simply not possible to harvest forage under optimal conditions. In this case, the fibre content of the forage is usually too high and the dry matter content is too low or too high. As a result, energy contents are lower as well. In addition, the feed remains in the digestive tract for a longer time, which means the animals eat less. As a consequence, they take in less energy. This situation leads to a difficult challenge to formulate diets. It is important to take appropriate countermeasures without compromising the animals’ health and performance.

Piglyx proves effective

In piglet production, a wide range of manipulable materials are used. Apart from playing chains there are many more materials used to provide diversion to piglets in the rearing pen.

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Running out of steam

Almost all dairy cows experience a negative energy balance during the transition phase and early lactation. Although a slight deficiency can be tolerated and described as physiologically normal, a substantial deficiency must be avoided.

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