Trockensteher LIN/ Pre-Calver LIN

Contains components from specific yeast cell walls and linseed oil


  • Stimulates the immune system of the gut, especially in critical situations:
    • Positive influence on the calving behaviour
    • In case of a poor colostrum quality
  • Increases the activity and number of rumen microbes. This results before and after calving in higher daily feed intake and higher forage digestion for a better performance and health.
  • Increases the energy supply around the time of birth, preventing early ketosis.
  • Stabilises the physiological metabolic processes in stress situations (caused by milk fever, displaced abomasum, retained placenta etc.)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids from linseed oil support health parameters such as fertility, body condition, energy metabolism and animal performance.
  • Suitable for ensuring an adequate mineral and vitamin supply in self-feeding.
  • Weather resistant and therefore suitable for pasture feeding.

Feeding recommendation

Feed supplement to dry dairy cows and dry suckler cows at pasture or to complement forage rations in the shed. Daily consumption should be between 150 g and 250 g per cow. During initial feeding, the daily intake may increase to twice the normal amount. After 10 to 14 days the intake usually returns to normal. When this is not the case, nutrient or metabolic deficiencies must be considered.

Ideally the 22.5 kg tubs should be used for a maximum of 10 animals and 25 animals for the 80 kg tubs. If possible always offer two tubs for every group to prevent hierarchical fights. In order to prevent the product softening do not place the tubs in direct sunlight during hot periods.

“Contains only EU Feed Materials”

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