MEGASTART® Schafe und Ziegen

To increase vitality of ewes and lambs

MEGASTART® Ewe & Lamb is a molasses-based mineral lick block. The product features are achieved through a special manufacturing process, which lead to a typical daily intake of 100-150 g per ewe.

Product advantages:

  • Contains a high-quality form of yeast cell wall components that increase the immunoglobulin content (IgG) in the colostrum by up to 25%.
  • Intake ensures a high supply of minerals and active ingredients.
  • The high content of vitamin E increases lamb vitality in its first few days of life.
  • Contains vitamin B1 for the prevention of cerebrocortical necrosis (CNN) in lambs.

Application recommendation:

MEGASTART is introduced in the last six weeks prior to lambing. Average consumption ranges from 100 to 150 grams per ewe, per day. The container is intended for max. 20 animals. If possible, always set up two containers per animal group to prevent ranking battles!

Available in the following container sizes: 20 kg

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