For the optimal start to lactation.

Product advantages:

  • Ensure an earlier maximum dry matter intake (energy and nutrient supply)
  • Achieve a positive energy balance as early as possible
  • Stabilises the physiological metabolic processes in strained situations (e.g. caused by acidosis or ketosis)
  • Balancing of animal-individual nutrient and mineral deficiencies
  • Reduces the effects of heat stress
  • Supports fertility (e.g. number of gestation days)
  • With live yeast
  • With propylene glycol
  • With niacin (nicotonic acid)
  • With organic bonded trace elements

Application recommendation:

For dairy cows in the preparation and fresh milk phase (transit phase) for an optimal start to lactation. Also suitable for the entire lactation period. Average consumption ranges from 150 to 250 grams per animal, per day. When feeding for the first time, consumption can double for 10 to 20 days. Prolonged, above-average consumption levels are to be expected in cases of nutrient or metabolic deficiencies. A 22.5 kg container is intended for a maximum of 10 animals, and the 70 kg container for a maximum of 25 animals. If possible, always set up two containers per animal group to prevent ranking battles!

Available in the following container sizes: 70 kg, 22.5 kg

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